Our Statement

Our Values and Ethics

At Puritan furniture, we place a great value on integrity, reliability, and fairness. Our team is made of experts in furniture production and design and has strong work ethic.

All products reviewed on this site are either purchased by the consumers, or with our own funds unless otherwise stated. If a manufacturer gives us a product for review, then we’ll say so in the review.

By going through the tons of reviews on this site, you can make an informed decision when shopping for pieces of furniture for use at the home, office, or any public space.

Our Mission

The sole objective of Puritan furniture is to be a universal symbol of trust and integrity for all our customers. The power of this review site comes from the fact that it’s open to all consumers and companies. It’s both independent and transparent. These qualities are rare in today’s world of distrust.

Our Vision

Puritan furniture brings both consumers and companies together to share, exchange ideas, and improve continuously.

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